Welcome to the Swedish gas & LPG company!

West coast flare, purge and gas professionals!

We are a gas company located in Stenungsund, Sweden. We offer professional industrial services, mostly to shipping companies, such as nitrogen purging, inerting, cooling, flaring and gassing up cargo tanks on gas carriers. We can also provide help in water treatment (pH-control with CO2) and in addition, we operate 3 LPG depots in western Sweden, mostly for the private market.

Purging hub Lysekil

Port of Lysekil, a flexible port with high availability is strategically located in the middle of the Skagerrak with proximity to both Norway and the European ports. At our purging hub in this port, operated in cooperation with ship agency “Ferm & Olsson Stenungsund AB” and “SDK Shipping AB”, we have equipment and berth to perform our services. This hub is equipped with tanks for liquid nitrogen, vaporizers with nitrogen capacity of 2000Nm3/h, nitrogen heater and mobile flares.

LNG bunkering

We hold the necessary permits to perform LNG bunkering truck to ship at the port of Lysekil. This means that at our hub, you can inert and cool down your cargo tanks with gaseous and liquid nitrogen, gas up with LNG to our flares and then fill up the tanks after for example maintenance.

Mobile ground flares

We have several mobile flares in different sizes ready for use anywhere for safe destruction of residue hydrocarbons in tanks.

Water treatment

We can provide solutions for environmentally friendly and safe pH control of waste water with CO2. We can help you with control system and dissolving units for smaller applications.

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E-mail: info@svenskagas.se

Phone: +46 (0)702 77 99 09